A recently released poll shows that Oregonians don’t see the issue of high prescription drug prices as solved, despite the passage of House Bill 4005, the Prescription Drug Pricing Transparency Act, in February 2018.

Results from the poll are clear: Oregonians know that the pharmaceutical industry is to blame for outrageously high prescription drug prices. 

Oregonians want lawmakers to take further action to lower prescription drug costs.

Oregon voters overwhelmingly hold prescription drug companies responsible for high drug prices when asked open ended questions about who is responsible for the rising costs of prescriptions.

An overwhelming majority of voters want lawmakers to take further action to lower prescription drug prices.

Oregon voters are strident in their desire for lawmakers to take immediate action to lower prescription drug prices.

Voters across all demographic groups favor action to lower prescription drug prices.

Large shares of voters of all backgrounds and beliefs favor immediate action by lawmakers.

70% of voters are in favor of importation of lower-cost, same quality prescriptions from Canada. 50% are “strongly in favor.”

About the Poll

A live telephone survey of 500 registered voters was conducted statewide in Oregon. Interviews were conducted August 7-13, 2018. Each survey was conducted by live professional interviewers, using a combination of landline and mobile phones to ensure greater coverage of the population sampled. The margin of error for a survey of 500 interviews is ±4.4% at the 95% confidence interval. The margin of error for other subsamples may be higher.

Other sources of error not accounted for by the stated statistical margin of error include, but are not limited to, question wording, question order, coverage bias, and response bias.