Transparency was an important first step. Now we need to go further.

 HB 4005, the Oregon Prescription Drug Price Transparency Act, was passed with a bipartisan supermajority in February 2018. HB 4005 was an important first step in holding pharmaceutical companies accountable for price-gouging on life-saving medications, but there is still more we can do. Across the country, states are starting to look at ways to truly lower drug prices at the source: what we are charged by the manufacturer. We need to take action now to protect seniors and other Oregonians who depend on prescription drugs. 

2019 Legislative Priorities:

  • Importation from Canada (HB 2689): Make lower-priced drugs from Canada available to Oregon consumers. Require Oregon to design and, with federal approval, implement a state program to import and distribute wholesale prescription drugs from Canada. The program would ensure consumer safety on par with the U.S. drug supply chain system and significant consumer cost savings. 
  • 60-Day Notice Before Price Increases (HB 2658): Require drug manufacturers to provide at least 60-day advance notice of any intent to raise prices beyond a certain threshold.

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