The problem is the price. 

Patients in Oregon and the U.S. pay more for prescription drugs than anywhere in the world. Prescription drug prices start with the prices set by the drug companies. The pharmaceutical industry plays an aggressive game of “Not Us” when it comes to drug pricing but the truth is if they didn’t set prices so high, we would all be paying less. Until we do something to lower the prices drug companies are charging us, prices are going to continue to skyrocket.

Transparency is an important first step. Now we need to go further.

HB 4005, the Prescription Drug Price Transparency Act, was passed by the Oregon Legislature with a bipartisan supermajority and received praise across the state. This is an important first step to hold drug companies accountable, but there is more we can do. Across the country, states are starting to look at ways to truly lower drug prices at the source: what we are charged by manufacturers. The Oregon Coalition for Affordable Prescriptions, formerly known as Oregonians for Affordable Drug Prices Now, is a group of over 20 organizations committed to ended price gouging by the pharmaceutical industry.