Prescription drug prices continue to rise for Oregonians like Debbie. Here is her story:

My insulin – which is manufactured in California – costs about a third of the price in Canada than it does at my pharmacy down the street here in Newport. Even with the cheaper Canadian prices, I pay $95.35 per vial for Lantus. Each vial lasts me about twelve days. While that price is a significant savings from the $260.28 I would pay in Oregon, it is still a large expense out of my household income, and it is much more expensive than it used to be.

“I have been using this medication for more than 15 years to treat type 2 diabetes and during that time the price has continued to go up with no explanation, no justification.”

I know people who cannot afford their insulin at all, so they go without at great risk to their health. HB 4005 requires pharmaceutical companies to be transparent about their price increases and offer at least some explanation as to why prices for essential medications like insulin keep going up year after year. This is essential information so that we can start to grapple with high drug prices and come together for solutions.

Without HB 4005, the pharmaceutical industry will continue price gouging, unchecked and unaccountable to Oregonians like me who are paying too high a cost just to stay healthy.


Prescription drug prices in Oregon start with pharmaceutical companies: it’s time to hold them accountable!

Join Debbie in holding pharmaceutical companies accountable for price-gouging: take action today! Patients in Oregon and the U.S. pay more for prescription drugs than anywhere in the world. The pharmaceutical industry plays an aggressive game of “Not Us” when it comes to drug pricing but the truth is if they didn’t set prices so high, we would all be paying less. Until we do something to lower the prices drug companies are charging us, prices are going to continue to skyrocket.

Together we can lower prescription drug prices for Oregonians.