No transparency. No limits. No justification. That's how drug prices are set today.

Prescription drugs are the fastest growing cost in health care with no end in sight.

High costs affect everyone: patients, providers, employers, taxpayers, hospitals and health plans. Get informed and get involved. It doesn’t have to be this way.




The Facts


of Oregonians say prescription drugs cost too much


Nearly 50% of the top 100 drugs cost more than $10,000 a year and that number keeps growing


increase in cost of prenatal vitamins over two years.

Congressional investigations show drug companies spiking prices as much as



increase in insulin prices since 2008


Medicine to treat Hepatitis C was priced in US 100 times higher than other countries


for 832 patients: two-year cost of Hepatitis C medication to the Oregon Health Plan

Three common heart medicines have increased 80-115% over two years in Oregon.


the average cost increase of brand name drugs between 2008-2015

Drugs to manage Multiple Sclerosis have increased 30% even after being on the market for 20 years

Since 2010, the cost of the EpiPen has increased


Half a million Americans facing drug bills over