We can end Rx price-gouging by pharmaceutical companies.

Prescription drug prices keep rising with NO JUSTIFICATION. Prices for drugs that have been on the market for decades spike overnight. Meanwhile, many Oregonians are choosing between their medications or paying for food or rent. When will Big Pharma’s price gouging end?

Earlier this year, Oregon stood up to the pharmaceutical industry by demanding transparency when drug prices increase.

We know transparency is a critical first step to holding drug companies accountable, but our work isn’t done. Right now there’s a state legislative task force looking at drug prices and the pharmaceutical industry is coming out in full force to protect their profits.

The lawmakers on the task force voted for patients when they voted YES on HB 4005. We need them to stay with us and not back down under pressure by Big Pharma. We need to let them know that unless we fight back against Big Pharma, drug prices will continue to skyrocket.

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